Tranquility Cracks


Also known as yellow wood cracks, where lots of people go in search for but not all are lucky enough to find.


It’s found along the 12 apostles mountain range on Table Mountain and features huge Cracks in between boulders which creates a maize like area at the very top.


Some of these Cracks are filled with yellow wood trees (South Africa’s national tree) and thick moss, the rock formations are unlike any other on Table Mountain and is just incredible to see and feel. The views are priceless too.


We’ll hike to the Cracks via Kasteelspoort stopping at the famous “Diving board” and our way down will be via Corridor Ravine route and Pipe Track.


Watch :  YouTube Video


Duration : 5-6hrs (depending on pace)


Tour cost : R1250 per person

Discount for group bookings depending on group size

3-5 persons – 20%

6-9 persons – 30%


What’s included : Qualified and Experienced Guide, First aider, A choice of warm beverage, pickup/drop off


Enquiries : / +27842675833


Difficulty level: Intermediate – The route up involves a gradual incline followed by 45mins of steep ascent, we’ll take it easy on the tough sections and take breaks when necessary.


We’ll do a briefing prior to starting the hike to ensure readiness. All we need to do is decide on a date 🙂


Weather forecast


Refunds are possible if canceled 24hrs prior.

If the tour doesn’t proceed for an unforeseen circumstance, we will refund accordingly if reasonable.


We look forward to hosting you. Let us know if you have any questions.

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