About Us

We started out with a vision to inspire people to take action in creating a more active lifestyle, because we live to serve others we saw an opportunity for people to grow, not just in fitness but also in other personal aspects.

From our experience on the trails we know that it allows people freedom from everyday stresses and releases them from feeling stuck. For others it’s just a happy place and love going out there on a regular basis.

Being active in the mountains creates a sense of fulfillment like no other and tends to rub off into other areas of life.

Our mission? Maintain a platform for people to grow and transform into the fittest strongest version of themselves through an active lifestyle while gaining priceless experiences and everything related within that parameter.

We’re also focused on giving back to the community by doing events for the youth from informal areas within Cape Town. We give them an opportunity to experience the great outdoors and potentially create a career out of it.