The Secret Waterfall (technical)

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The Secret Waterfall Hike was our most exclusive tour and is amongst the most adventurous hikes you can get out of a single day.


It starts off as a “normal hike” following a trail with short inclines, declines and a few scrambles. The route is about 10 km to the waterfall and back, however, you’ll be required to stretch to get up, over and around the rock formations in the gorge while it becomes more and more beautiful leading up to the waterfall – this is where it starts getting really exciting!


The Waterfall is approximately 40 metres of sheer drop (if not more) and a truly spectacular one indeed. The sun rays never reached this 20 metre square oasis which gives it a really dark mossy green moist look partnered up with the smoothest wet natural looking mountain walls you’ll probably ever see, this of course makes for a fresh Icy Rockpool, as cold as it is. We’ve only seen smiles come from attendees after their swim.


We cannot do it justice by trying to explain and most people don’t even know it exists. You’ll be part of a select group of people in the world that would have experienced this kind of adventure tour. It isn’t however the easiest hike, so be advised that it gets technical at times. Rather enquire if you’re unsure instead of assuming.


Date : 8th June 2024

Duration : 6-7 hours complete

Meet up Location : just outside of Paarl (close to Huguenot Tunnel)

Meet up Time : 08:00am


What’s included : Experienced Mountain Guide, First Aider, safety in numbers, permit, social gain.


Enquiries : Email or contact Jody +27842675833

Further details regarding the activity will be communicated to you on confirmation of booking.


Main image by Karl Storbeck

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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for The Secret Waterfall (technical)

  1. Nicky Simmons

    Superb hike expertly guided by Jody. Sensory overload with the sounds of gushing water as a companion for most of the hik.e. Lots of rock scrambling – care needed when crossing the river multiple times which added a unique sense of adventure to reach the magnificent sight of the Secret Waterfall

  2. Mitchell Barker (verified owner)

    This hike was absolutely incredible and the Waterfall simply amazing. A true hidden treasure! I appreciated that the team from Trailfit took care of everything – all I needed to do was arrive! Our guide was amazing (Jody) who took the time to brief us on what to expect and helped us to navigate safely throughout the journey. He knew exactly what to do, where to go, and ensured that we were all safe and prepared. Whoop whoop for Jody!

    I would never have attempted anything like this by myself, and really have found a new group of awesome people to create everlasting memories and adventures with in the future.

    Join us!

  3. Kelley Swana (verified owner)

    This really is a special hike and well worth every penny spent. The secret waterfall really is secret and very few have found it- that’s what makes the hike even more special. Jody was phenomenal and knew exactly where to go and once you cross the river there isn’t really a path to follow. I wouldn’t attempt this hike without a guide even after having done it. He was very patient and we had fun on the journey to and from the waterfall. The views leading into the ravine are also spectacular. We were lucky with the water level and managed to stay fairly dry. Whilst the hike isn’t strenuous in a steep ascent such as most other hikes, there are several scrambling sections which require strength. I found it tiring in a different way to other hikes. Definitely a bucket list item for anyone up for the challenge!

  4. Alta Nel (verified owner)

    The cold swim after the scramble to the waterfall was definitely the cherry on top. Few know that you can swim underneath the waterfall to a grotto behind. Thanks to Jody for an expertly led hike with a great group of people. Still smiling.

  5. Bruce (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic day out. The hike itself has some rewarding challenges but nothing too hectic. The views and scenery are out of this world! Don’t forget to look up! Stop & soak it all in.

    Jody was amazing and the secret waterfall really is a secret waterfall – an untouched and hidden treasure! Well worth every sweat and cent.

    Thanks Jody and TrailFit., I’ll be back!

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