Llanddroskop Weekend Getaway [30 – 31st Mar]


Switch off from the world and Spend 2 days and 1 nights sleeping in one of the Western Cape’s most beautiful areas.


Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve is found just outside of the little town known as Grabouw, it’s roughly 1 hours drive from Cape Town CBD which makes it perfect for a mini road trip and abundance of freedom.


The area is home to beautiful landscapes for miles and the millions of stars at night is a bonus. The first day will feel like 10km, the route starts off relatively tough with some manageable incline for 3km, then flatens out and becomes pure delight for most of the remaining route, the second day we’ll just explore the area a bit to find a comfortable view point and – nothing strenuous and no back pack, this day will be the one that we really get to relax and switch off. The third day we’ll head back to the starting point a different more direct route(7km) and call it the perfect little getaway.


What’s included : Qualified multiday guide and medic, permits, rucksacks, bunk beds, sleeping bags – details on what’s required will be sent to you when booking.


Meet up time : 7am

Duration : 2 days, 1 nights
Meetup Location : Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve weather forecast


Difficulty level : Intermediate, you’ll be required to carry your rucksack for the duration(+- 12kgs). We progress at a comfortable pace, taking breaks when needed and ensuring the group stays together.

For enquiries email info@trailfitsa.co.za or contact Jody 0842675833.


Further details regarding the activity will be communicated after bookings have been processed. We look forward to hosting you on this incredible adventure!

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